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Around the World in 80 Days

Based on the novel by Jules Verne
Adapted by Toby Hulse
Barn Theatre 
30 Jan - 11 Mar

"We live in an age of reason, an age of science, an age of truth. We live in the great Victorian Age! HUZZAH!"

London, 1872. Forty thousand pounds in freshly minted Bank of England notes have gone missing. Meanwhile, renowned recluse and known eccentric Phileas Fogg has accepted an outlandish wager to traverse the entire globe in just 80 Days, supported only by his loyal servant Passepartout, and the enormous sum of money stored in his rather large carpetbag. Something doesn't add up, and Fix of the Yard sets off in hot pursuit to bring the thief to justice. So begins a wild race around the globe, taking in trains, ships, elephants and maybe even a hot air balloon...

A fast paced and playfully comic adaptation of Jules Verne’s epic adventure novel for three actors and far too much multi-rolling. A cast of three take the audience on a breath-taking roller-coaster ride around the world; filled with thrills and adventure, and no short order of panache in this rollicking, side splitting, laugh a minute adaptation. Maybe, through the power of human invention and a bit of creative ingenuity, they might just pull it off.

"Utterly, utterly wonderful. The director couldn't have been more skilled in pulling out the punchlines"✭✭✭✭✭  
Great British Life

"It is moments like this, of a storm at sea, or Dickson's impersonation of the elephant, that give the show it's charm, thanks to director Joseph O'Malley"
British Theatre Guide

Adam Elliot
Evangeline Dickson
James El-Sharawy
Meg Rose-Dixon

Directed by Joseph O'Malley

Designed by Mike Leopold

Lighting by Adam Foley

Sound design by Sam Glossop

Costume design by Denise Cleal

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