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The Dinosaur Show

The Dinosaur Show

Written by Sarah Arden and Thomas Moore
UK Tour - Nov 2022
Southwark Playhouse
1 Dec - 31 Dec 2022

"The story starts deep in this very jungle. It was day three hundred and thirty three of our expedition and we'd been searching for ages. With no sign of success and dwindling supplies we were about to give up, and that's when we heard it..."

Hunter is off to catch a flight to the Lost Land of the Dinosaurs, and you're all invited! Once there he must travel through the treacherous jungle before meeting with his own personal hero and dinosaur expert, Dr Shelley Shellstein! What follows is a fascinating, funny and highly interactive set of encounters with some of the most famous dinosaurs ever to have lived. Be careful though, they're not all friendly!

Featuring four highly detailed puppets operated by an expert "dino wrangler", The Dinosaur Show allows kids and big kids alike to experience these amazing creatures up close and personal. Whether providing a perch for a pterodactyl, feeding a docile Brachiosaurus, or helping to spot a naughty Compsognathus, every child will come away having laughed a lot, screamed a little and learned something too! 

Helena Mitchell
Bradley Crees
Danny Higgins

Co-directed by Joseph O'Malley

Co-directed by Ashleigh Cheadle

Puppetry Design by Charlie Tymms

Lighting by Alex Johnson

Composition and sound design by Richard Wetherall

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