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The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers
(Attempted by Foolhardy)

Based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas
Adapted by Sydney Stevenson
Digital production
15 Jun - 27 Jun 2021

"Right, this is just ridiculous, I’ve had enough. This is the worst adaptation I have ever read. You haven’t stuck to the story, the acting is questionable and there’s been countless technical problems and interruptions. I bet Alexandre Dumas is rolling in his grave."

.Alexandre Dumas' classic tale of The Three Musketeers is brought to you by the inconceivable, unimaginable and fantastical FoolHardy Theatre. A company with questionable theatrical training, no experience and no clue. What could possibly go wrong?


Robert Lindsay leads a star cast including award winners David Bedella and Dianne Pilkington in this brand new online adventure. Audio and animation are brought together to create a fast moving and fantastical audioplay, designed to be enjoyed as a standalone piece or accompanied by the gorgeously detailed animations.. Expect sword fights, deception and a right royal romance as we take you back to the regal splendour of 17th century France in this exciting, madcap comedy.

"A riotous swashbuckling adventure."  ✭✭✭✭
Theatre Weekly

"A fun slice of broad comedy elevated by a delightfully grumpy performance from Robert Lindsay."
The Stage

Robert Lindsay
Dianne Pilkington
David Bedella
Matthew Curnier
Colin Elmer
Antony Eden
Sarah Impey
Lydea Perkins

Directed by Joseph O'Malley

Produced by Sarah Arden and Thomas Moore

Illustrated by Barbara Owczarek

Composition and Sound design by Richard Wetherall

The Three Musketeers (attempted by Foolhardy)
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